Playing with Color and Learning To Like Backruns and Bleeds


After yesterday’s success with Poppies, I decided to make another one, but without looking at the lesson.  I did a few things differently.

Poppies, Watercolor on Paper, A4

Poppies, Watercolor on Paper, A4

I had some paint leftover from yesterday and decided to make a slightly different version of the poppies this time.  I am using larger paper than I normally use as I had been working from a tracing.  This one I drew freehand.

I also painted some tulips.

Tulips, Watercolor on Paper, A4

Tulips, Watercolor on Paper, A4

As before, I traced out only a section of the tulips to fit on the A4 paper.  The tracing was gone over in watersoluble pen and sections painted in.  I followed the instructions in the book pretty much to the letter.  I had to improvise on some of the colors.  The technique is to have the colors of the flowers bleed into the leaves and stems.  Sometimes it worked, but mostly the paint bled in the opposite direction.  This is a very wet technique and it does create backruns sometimes.  I find them interesting.

Here is another one I did.


I varied the flower placement in the vase and didn’t outline the drawing.  It makes for a softer look.  I painted this without looking at the book and used more pink.  I just received a new tube of Quinacridone Magenta!  I got some interesting results on the petals!  I just took another look at my painting and realised that I forgot to paint part of a leaf!  The nice thing is, I can go back and fix it tomorrow!  My jug went a bit haywire as I had too much water on my brush.  It is going to take me awhile to work out the perfect load.  I really enjoyed today though and am looking forward to the next lesson!


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