The Right Paper Matters!

I hope all of you had a great weekend!  Mine was very eventful and life-changing and will mean that my painting time will be even more limited once I get back into working full time again.  You see, my husband and I adopted a dog!  Meet Teddy, our 14 month old English Springer Spaniel!


I don’t know who is more mad, the dog or us!  It has been over 10 years since I’ve had a Springer and Teddy is my husband’s first dog.  It is like having a new baby in the house.  We were exhausted!  Today I managed to find some time to paint in between chores and making home made dog food!

Tulips on Bockingford paper - A4
Tulips on Bockingford paper – A4

I’ve had another go at painting tulips, but this time on Bockingford paper.  What a difference the paper makes!

Art 20151-001

The paper on the left is Winsor & Newton Cotman Paper which is a student quality paper and comes in different weights.  The quality is very good, but you really need to know how to use this paper as certain techniques work better than others.  The paper on the right is Curtis Ward Bockingford Paper which come’s from St. Cuthbert’s Mill in Somerset.  As you can see from the painting on the right, There are very few backruns and the bleeding is intentional.  The paper stayed pretty wet.  Also, the color placement is pretty even and not streaky like the painting on the right.  Here you can see it again with the Irises I painted last week.

My Photo Stream-002

I may be improving with my painting technique, but I still think the Bockingford Paper makes a huge difference to how my paintings turned out.  So, with that in mind, I will be revisiting some of the small paintings I had done on the W&N Cotman Paper and do them again on the Bockingford Paper and make some comparisons.  I will just have to find time in-between doggie duties, chores, and work!