Lillies in Watercolor

Lillies - Watercolor on Bockingford - A4
Lillies – Watercolor on Bockingford – A4

Here’s one I did yesterday.  This comes from a book Vibrant Flowers, by Fiona Peart.  I reduced the drawing to fit A4.  Here is just a section full size I did awhile ago.  I decided to add a background, and in seeing this now, I will need to make some adjustments and add some more color to it later.  I have not been able to master the technique of scraping the paint to make white lines on the leaves, so I used the pink to paint lines instead.  The colors used were: Permanent Rose, Naples Yellow, Winsor Blue, and Cadimium Yellow.  All paint by Winsor & Newton except the cad yellow, by Daniel Smith.  On the whole, I am quite pleased with this one! 🙂

When a Background Fails

Tulips - Watercolor on Bockingford - A4
Tulips – Watercolor on Bockingford – A4

Here are some tulips I painted over the weekend.  This is from the same book in my previous post.  There was a drawing for it, but no instructions – just a note on some colors used and that masking fluid was used for the white areas.  I reduced the drawing from A3 to A4, took out some leaves in the left part of the drawing, didn’t use any masking fluid, and gave it a bash.  I was quite happy with it until I started the background.  I can’t for the life of me work out what went wrong, but I couldn’t get the background to work.  I found that really disappointing as the previous two paintings I made the week before came out fine.  I will most likely try this again, and do something different with the background.

Painting Tulips in Watercolor

I missed out on tulip season this year due to my walking in Spain.  I know I have some photo references somewhere, but until I find them, I have been working from a book,Tulips in Watercolour (Ready to Paint), by Fiona Peart.  The drawings are laid out in A3 size, but I went to the library and had them reduced to A4.  Then I traced them with a permanent marker onto tracing paper and was then able to transfer them to my A4 Bockingford paper.

Pink and White Tulips - A4 - Watercolor on Bockingford
Pink and White Tulips – A4 – Watercolor on Bockingford

My daughter chose this one as her birthday present.  The one below was done from full size, but I only drew half of it, added a background and used slightly different colors.

Tulips - A4 - Watercolor on Bockingford
Tulips – A4 – Watercolor on Bockingford

I am still trying to get the hang of the two methods of wet in wet technique.  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and probably one of the easiest to paint and draw.  I’ll keep plowing on with tulips for awhile until I can do them in my sleep!