Some Booty and Other Things

I haven’t been painting much lately, but I have been getting a lot of inspiration and have ordered some more supplies, books, DVDs and art magazines.  The three watercolor artists that I have been most inspired by lately are Ann Blockley Jane Betteridge, and Shirley Trevena.  These artists use techniques that I barely touched on in the art class I took last year.  If you can’t get to any classes, then reading book by people who’s work you like or watching DVD’s can be immensely helpful.  However, there is nothing like practice and trying out these methods and seeing how they work for you.  I have started a couple of landscapes, but I am at the stage of wondering where to go next with them. They are sitting on the sidelines at the moment.

I also want to get back to painting still life.  I haven’t tried painting one in watercolor before.  Shirley Trevena’s books show how to take painting a still life in watercolor to another level.  I really love her style, but don’t want to copy her.  What I did need was props.  So, I trawled the charity shops where I work and where I live.  Here is some of my booty.


The most I spent was £10 for the pretty bowl with matching plate.  There are faux grapes, a pretty little jug I bought for the shape, a Delft vase which was a bargain for £6 (and because I don’t have anything blue and white in my house), a small gravy boat, an old iron, a miniature dress model and a stamp with an interesting pattern.


Here is something I started today.  I work in my dining room. My table extends at either end. 🙂 I bought some tulips yesterday.  I missed painting them last year as I was out of the country when they were in season.  I am hoping to paint them along with some of my booty. I am now waiting for paint to dry and am wondering what to do next.  I am also working on A3 size.  The largest size paper I have worked on so far.  I haven’t done a thumbnail sketch. I just decided to go for it and  paint some tulips as a preclude to painting a still life.  We will see how it turns out.


3 thoughts on “Some Booty and Other Things

  1. Arlene, I love the Delft vase and the miniature torso, hah, that will catch your eye! Sounds like you are on a roll, your work address looks great too! Looking forward to your still life watercolors😊🎨

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