Using Leftover Paint


White Lillies – Acrylic on Canvas Board – 7×10 inches

I had some leftover paint and decided to have another go at painting white lillies in acrylic.  This was done totally freehand and no drawing.  I just used my previous painting and reference photo as a guide.  My palette was very limited: Titanium White, Phthalo Blue (green shade)(makes a lovely turquoise mixed with Titanium White), Green Gold and Cadmium Red.  The greens were made with the blue and green gold, and a bit of white.  I was looking to paint an impression of lillies, rather than going for too much detail.  I also painted most of the background first – which I find easier to do with acrylics.  As a quick study, I’m very happy with it.

As much as I hate wasting paper, I hate wasting Acrylic Paint. 🙂