Geraniums in Blue Pot


Watercolor on A4 Bockingford.

I’m not too crazy about how this turned out, but it might be my last one for a little while.  I might paint it again and do something different with the leaves.  I also wasn’t crazy about how the reds turned out, not vibrant enough for me.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  At least I managed to get a photo before the dogs destroyed the flowers!


Here are the little tinkers with our campervan and tent.  We tried out everything and set it up for the first time this past weekend.  Everyone has their passports up to speed, even the dogs.  I’m even going to try to do some sketching and painting!  See you when we get back!

A Little Seascape


I have been practicing skies.  This is a quick study and I added the seascape afterwards. 7×7 inches on Bockingford.   I only used two colors, Indigo and Cerulean.  I could have done more with the waves, but this was a practice piece done on the back of another exercise.  I made up some cards with some of my abstract exercises and am now using the back of them for other experimental work or just to test out color combinations.  I needed to tidy up and this was a good way of going about it.

I live by the seaside, so I think I need to make more seascapes.