Red Geranium


Just finished this afternoon.  Red Geranium, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 7×10 inches.  Sorry about the quality of the photo.  This was done from a photo taken of flowers in my garden.  I think this is better than the last one I did.  I am putting aside watercolors for awhile and getting back into painting with acrylics.  I tried to keep things loose with not too much detail and yet trying to maintain all the lights and darks.  One I actually started painting, it only took a couple of hours, which is very quick for me.  Hope you enjoy it. 🙂


Geraniums in Blue Pot II


As stated in my previous post, I wasn’t happy with this painting.  So I painted over it with acrylics.

IMG_3093 (Edited)

I think it looks much better.  After painting this I realised I need to paint in acrylics more.  I’ve been back from my holiday for a week now and pretty much went straight back to work!  So things are definitely back to normal.  I didn’t do much painting to sketching while we were away as we did a lot of walking, but I took a lot of photos and hope to do something with them.


The dogs had a great time too! 🙂