Painting Myself Calm

After getting discouraged recently with watercolors,  I decided I was going to put them away and focus on acrylics.  Then I bought a book!   Yes, another one!  Paint Yourself Calm: Colourful, Creative Mindfulness Through Watercolour, by Jean Haines. I already have a few books of hers as I like the way she paints.  However, I haven’t […]

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Crop It!

After a not very fruitful afternoon of painting poppies last Saturday, I revisited the two pieces I completed and decided there might just be something worth salvaging.  I often hang onto work and then cut up pieces, work on the back, or throw things out.  I’ve made a lot of birthday cards recently out of […]

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Poppies – Going Large

Poppies – Watercolor and Ink on W&N Cotman 200lb – A3 This is a more controlled version of the poppies I painted previously.  I also used a different colored red ink and waited until the paper dried a little bit.  I also used a larger sheet of paper.  I am hoping that painting on larger […]

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