Crop It!

After a not very fruitful afternoon of painting poppies last Saturday, I revisited the two pieces I completed and decided there might just be something worth salvaging.  I often hang onto work and then cut up pieces, work on the back, or throw things out.  I’ve made a lot of birthday cards recently out of work I wasn’t completely happy with.  No sense in wasting my efforts if I can use even a little bit of my work to make someone happy.


This is approximately 6 inches square.  I’m still playing around with the dimensions.  The original size is A4.  There is supposed to be a lovely blue sky, but the green paint bled into it too much and it didn’t look right.


This one will be approximately 3 x 5 inches cropped from A4.  I had another sky issue and I also wasn’t too crazy about the bottom of the painting.  This would make a nice card or a small framed painting.

I think I might buy some mount card and try making my own mounts.  I seem to recall trying this once and failing miserably.  My skills with a craft knife are not that great. Practice makes perfect though.