Can’t Get Away From Watercolor Painting!


Last weekend I had some time to paint and thought I would try something different.  This painting is inspired by Jane Betteridge.  I like how she uses watercolors and inks together.  It is so unpredictable.  I had some photos from my walk on the Camino de Santiago last year.  We started in May and there were poppies everywhere.  This painting is very loosely   based on one of the many photographs I had taken on our journey.  I used Winsor & Newton Watercolors and FW  and Dayler Rowney Artist Acrylic inks on W&N Cotman 200lb paper.  I also used WC pencils.

I know I said I was going to take a break from watercolors, but I have an addiction.  I suppose there could be worse things to be addicted to!