Playing With Colors


Playing with green – an easy way to make trees with paint, water and salt on Bockingford – A4


Painting a rainbow – paint, water and salt – on Bockingford 140 lbs – A4


Playing with red – this is one of my favorite color combinations so far!  I used Mission scarlet lake and schminke translucent orange.  The scarlet lake was a free sample.  I think I may need to order a large tube of it.   This was done dipping the brush in water and then straight into the paint, then on dry paper. Lots of clean water was also used, and then salt.  It looks like a very weird landscape.  My husband thinks it looks like a lava flow.

These paintings were just exercises as a warm up and to see how the paint reacts.  It is a good way to loosen up.  After loosening up, I tried making a poppy, in close up.

img_3144This was done on A4 with the same red and orange and the centre was painted in indigo.  This was my first attempt at painting a poppy this way.  I’ve been looking at it for a week now and decided that it is going to be framed like below.

img_3145I’ve flipped the paper around and took off the edges.  So now I have an abstract poppy!