Painting Myself Purple

This weekend I worked with the color Purple.  Purple is such a fickle color and finding the right one can be tricky.  I have some ready mixed ones that range from red tones to blue.  I think I might need to work on mixing them.  I hear French Ultramarine Blue is very good mixed with Alizarin Crimson.

img_3203Winter Landscape – Half A4 Bockingford – Winsor Violet and French Ultramarine Blue (W&N)

Working from a suggestion in the book, I painted the above landscape.  There is supposed to be a path at the bottom of the page, but it was too dark and didn’t work out, so I am thinkin of cropping it as above.  I might even add another line of trees under the sky to make a frozen lake in the middle.  The painting should have been more like the one below:

img_3199You should just about make out the shadows on the snow.  I will probably try this a few more times as I am still not sure about the bottom half of the painting.  I do like how the trees and sky turned out though.

img_3202Lavender – Half A4 Bockingford

I’m still getting to grips with working with wet on dry and then adding water.  These small sketches will make nice cards.

I know the painting below isn’t purple, but I worked with green a couple of weeks ago and made some backgrounds I really liked.  This one below was used to paint some rosemary.

img_3200Rosemary – Half A4 Bockingford

I’m not sure about this.  I really love the background, but not my rosemary. Practice, Practice, Practice. 🙂