I Live by the Sea


This morning I had a wonderful walk on the beach with the dogs.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pics as my phone was on charge.   There were great clouds, the tide was out and the dogs went mad.  It was great.  I even managed to find some booty to use in future paintings.

img_3231Beach Booty drying out

I love living by the sea.  When I moved down to the south coast of England from London, I never would have imagined how much my life would change.  This is where I started to  paint.  One would think that since I love the sea so much I would actually paint it!  Heh!  There are loads of reasons why I haven’t, but none worth writing about.  Anyhow, I painted a seascape today.


Seascape – Acrylic on Canvas – A4 size
I decided to go back to acrylics for awhile and had prepared some canvases I bought ages ago.  I went straight onto the white canvas with sand textured gel and glass bead gel for the beach part and then used a soft gel for the rest.  I used ultramarine blue, phthalo blue (green hue), yellow ochre, burnt sienna and titanium white.  I used two brushes and a palette knife.  I want to use the knife more and have more texture in my paintings.  I even used my fingers.
I have put away my watercolors for the time being.  I have been staring at an old acrylic painting I did ages ago and wanted to make it better.  So I will be working on some smaller pieces and trying out different grounds before I make another mark on it.  I have all of this stuff, so I might as well use it!



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