Winter Trees

Winter Trees – Mixed Media on Paper – 8 x 8 inches This is my last painting of 2016.  I feel I have learned more these last few months than when I first started.  It has been an interesting learning curve, especially as I have been teaching myself.  I want to thank all of those wonderful […]

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Cattails – Mixed Media on Paper – 4 x 8 inches I had cattails in my head when I woke up this morning.  Crazy, I know.  So I had to paint some. I don’t like to paint with acrylics straight onto paper as the paper sucks up too much paint.  I always put a layer […]

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Winter Poppies

Winter Poppies – Mixed Media on Paper – 8×8 inches. Here is something I knocked up earlier today.  I tried out some new tools.  I bought a few cake icing embossers and used them to make a pattern in the gesso.  I think they might be great for painting patterns too.  There is a lot […]

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