A Winter Scene

Winter has finally arrived in the UK.  We were doing very well up until last week.  Not bad going for November.  When I first moved down to Eastbourne we had some snow for two winters in a row, but nothing since.   If you want snow, you need to go up north.  If there is anything I do miss about the USA is the seasons.  Though I shouldn’t complain too much as we have had a few sunny, although cold days recently.

I can’t claim all of the credit for this painting as I followed a lesson on youtube.  I didn’t use all of the same colors and I left out a couple of hills, but I did learn some new techniques that I can use in other projects.  Here is a wintery scene:


Cold Winter  – Acrylic on Mount Card – 10×11.5 Inches

Hopefully you can see the texture.  Few colors were used.  I used texture paste on the card that I got free from a picture framer near where I work.  I couldn’t get a clearer photo.  There is a very neat trick for painting trees:  I drew the trunk with conte pencil and then painted the dark around it.  After sealing the trunks with binder, I went over them with oil pastel as I lost some of the trunks.

Happy Winter everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Winter Scene

  1. I can see the trees in there! I can also relate to missing the seasons, being in Florida. Feels like there really is one season here: Summer and Hot-As-Heck Summer (if you count that as a second season).

    1. Arlene

      Haha, although I went to Miami once for Thanksgiving and needed winter clothes! The next week it was boiling, after I got back to NY. 🙂

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