Land and Sea


WordPress went a bit funny on me and didn’t publish this on Saturday, so here goes.

I finally have had a little time to paint.  I went a bit mad on Black Friday and ordered a bunch of art books and painting supplies.  I also made a decision. Although I haven’t completely hung up my hat on painting in watercolours, I have put all of my WC supplies away and have hauled out my acrylics.  Acrylics are more forgiving than watercolors and I need to be gentle with myself right now and do the things with acrylic paint that I can’t really do with watercolors (or don’t know how).  Even though I was painting myself calm with watercolors, I needed something more.  Besides, I have hardly touched my acrylic paints in over a year, and I missed them.

So, here is what I did Saturday:

img_3249Land and Sky – Acrylic on Paper – 8×8 inches


I can see Land – Mixed Media on Paper – 8×8 inches

I have been reading up on different techniques and watching youtube videos about doing the things I really like and wanted to do myself.  Here are two I made yesterday without really knowing the outcome.  I used gesso as a base –  for some texture and so the paper didn’t wouldn’t soak up all the paint.  I also started two new canvases and am re-working an old one.  I also used some of my new paint.  I bought the Golden muted set of 5 colors.  The paint is fluid, something new for me.  I also used a medium to help spread the paint around and which makes the finish have a sheen.  I also used my fingers a lot!  In the blue painting, I added some Sennelier oil pastels.  No point in letting them just sit around.

Happy painting people!


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