Making Changes

Still life with pears – Acrylic on Canvas – 20 x 20

I wasn’t really happy with this painting I made a couple of years ago (2014), so I made it into this:

img_3281Seascape – Mixed Media on Canvas – 8 x 8 inches

I painted over the old painting with gesso.  I have to say that I was having real trouble with this painting.  I can’t tell you how many layers of paint are on here!  It wasn’t working at all so I put it aside.  And then, it just worked.  I used a Phthalo Blue glaze from my previous painting and used Cadmium Orange and Alizarin Crimson straight onto the canvas.  The sky was looking a bit too perfect, so I lifted some off with paper and transferred some of the lifted paint onto the sea and violá, I was done!  Here is a close-up: