The Life of a Painting

For those of you following my blog, you will know that I have gone back to working with acrylics.  I am taking a break from figurative painting and trying to work more abstractly.  I really enjoy abstract art, and since I enjoy it, I might as well try painting like that.  I want to have fun with painting and playing with mixed media, and using bright colors. I still don’t know what my style is.  I figure that if I try different things, I might eventually find it.  I have been looking into intuitive painting and have bought a few books on the subject and have been having a look at videos on YouTube.  It is interesting to see how others develop a painting without knowing what the outcome is going to be.  The end is not the goal, it is the journey that matters.  I need to free my mind from outcomes and enjoy the process.  Since I am a bit uptight, I sometimes find it hard to let go and go with the flow.  This is very strange for me as in normal life I am not like that, only when I am trying to create art.  I don’t feel myself to be a creative person, to make something out of nothing, and yet I can do that with food!  How strange we can sometimes be, and full of contradictions.

I have been working on multiple canvases simultaneously over the last couple of weeks.  Here is the first one.


Untitled – Acrylic on Canvas – A4 size

I’m not sure if this painting is finished.  As you can see, it looks nothing like how it started out.  The only thing left from a previous layer is the pink in the middle tree and the leaf on the left.  This type of painting is a total departure for what I would normally do.  I am not sure how I feel about the outcome, but I did enjoy the process and that is the main thing.  Happy Painting everyone!