Post Christmas Painting

I am hoping everyone enjoyed their Christmas.  We are having a low-key holiday by resting, eating, watching TV and a little bit of painting.  That is all in-between dog walking of course!

I bought myself some stencils as a present to myself and tried them out these last couple of days.  Here is what I made first:

img_3346Poppy Pods – Mixed Media on Paper – 8 x 8 inches

I was looking at some tutorials on YouTube and got some ideas from that.  I have been wanting to paint poppy pods for ages.  I like how there are different varieties depending on the type of poppy.  I also find them easier to draw than actual poppies.  There was also a great suggestion on one of the videos about finding color palettes on Pinterest.  The color scheme above seems to be very popular.  It seems that turquoise is still rather trendy.  It is one of my favorite colors and reminds me of the sea, even though there is nothing beach like going on here.

I would call this a semi-intuitive painting because I had an end goal in mind.  Painting poppy pods was the goal.  I can’t tell you how many layers of paint there are on here as it started out very differently before I added stencils.  I just kept adding color and stencils until I felt it was time to stop.

Here is another one I made after:

img_3347Poppy Pods – Mixed Media on Paper – 4 x 8 inches

The above painting is worked on the back of a fail.  I wanted to try a different color scheme.  I think I will be painting poppy pods until I tire of them or have run out of color schemes!

I’m really looking forward to having time off to paint and walk the dogs!  Happy Holidays people!