My Anti-Artist’s Statement

So here is my anti-Artist’s Statement:

I am a Gemini (I could really stop here as I think it explains everything).  I am self-taught and inspired by others.  I am still figuring out my style as I love trying new things (I am a Gemini).  I love to paint flowers and nature, but am not adverse to painting a teapot, piece of fruit, or going completely crazy and knocking out some abstract, whimsical, or intuitive piece that has no particular meaning except that I might like the color combo or texture.  So, in the meantime, here is the work that I am doing while I figure out my style.  I may never have a particular style, but that is ok as I am a Gemini!

Tick Tock


Tick-Tock – Acrylic on Paper – 12 x 16 inches

Colors used: Titanium white, Mars black and Indigo blue.  I was using up the last of the paint I set out for my earlier paintings. Used the brayer again. Stamped with some bubble wrap and wiped out with stencils.  Although it looks quite messy here, I think it looks fine framed.