Deli Paper – Can I Get This in the UK?

I have been seeing and hearing about Gelli Plates, so I shopped around and ordered one.  Hopefully it should arrive any day now.  They are NOT cheap!  I managed to order an 8×10 inch one for just under £30.  I know I will be able to use it to print on copy paper or hot press water color paper, but I have been hearing about Deli Paper and haven’t got a clue what it is.

Well, not entirely true.  I know it is used to wrap food.  But what is it made of?   In the UK we have parchment paper for wrapping and cooking.  It has silicone to stop food from sticking, especially when baking cakes.  Mostly, it comes unbleached and the paper is brown.  Although I can buy this in white from Lakeland.  I can also by a white waxed paper sheet (that doesn’t feel like normal waxed paper) from Lakeland, but they don’t call it deli paper.  I live in the UK and we are not big on delis here.

The thing about deli paper that I could ascertain from the internet is that it is thin and translucent, and why it makes a great paper for collage and printing on the Gelli Plate as the paint doesn’t leach through.  I have also noticed that my palette paper is shiny on one side and not on the other, and the paint adheres to the shiny side I’m using.  So I have decided to save my used palette paper for collage work too, and see what happens.

If anyone in the UK can help me about this deli paper conundrum (or can I just use parchment paper?)  I would be really grateful.  I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on imported paper if there is something I can purchase that is already here.

Also, while I am asking for help, if anyone can let me know where I can buy rubbing alcohol in the UK, that would be a bonus.

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  1. Over here it’s called freezer paper. I use it in between paintings when storing, but mostly I like to use it as a palette, holds up to water spray all day long, even palette knife scraping. One side is white paper, the other is treated with a thin acetate/plastic like film. Company here in the U.S. is called Reynolds Freezer paper; found in the grocery store where aluminum foil, saran wrap, etc are found. Good luck!

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