Working Small


Flowers – Mixed Media on Paper – 4×4 inches.

Here is my latest from lesson two of Acrylic Expressions, by Staci Swider.  I swear it takes just as long to create a tiny painting as it does a bigger one!  I like the straight lines in it.

I used previously painted watercolor paper.  I came across (stole) this great idea by keeping my student grade paper by my side to roll off extra paint from my brayer when making gelli prints and also using up  any leftover paint.  This way you can have an instant background for future paintings.  There are some very clever people out there!  My pad is A3 size (approximately 16 x 12 inches).  Although I enjoy working on a large sheet of paper, I would like to start selling my work (OMG, I just put it out there to the Universe!) and am a bit nervous about how to post/ship an A3 size painting without it getting damaged.  So I cut up my paper to make two 8×8 inch and four 4×4 inch pieces.   Two 4×4’s completed and two to go!

I am really enjoying this new way of negative painting.



2 thoughts on “Working Small

  1. This is lovely! 🌸💜🌸 I have found this the perfect size (4×4 inch) to work on my faces too! It doesn’t feel too overwhelming. 😊 I like your idea of unloading the paint from your brayer on paper when gelli-printing. Thanks Arlene! 🎨👍

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