On the way to Santiago: Poppies


IMG_3725 (Edited)
Poppies – Mixed Media on Paper – 8×8 inches

On the way to Santiago we saw many poppy fields.  It was springtime and the poppies were interspersed with a little blue flower that I don’t know the name of.  Some of the poppy fields were mowed for fodder.  I took loads of photos of the poppies on the way to Santiago.  Sometimes seeing a poppy would be the only thing to uplift my spirits on a long and tedious journey.  Red is such an energising color.

In Acrylic Expressions, by Staci Swider, she uses images in her work that mean something to her.  I have noticed how other artists that practice intuitive painting methods tend to repeat the same symbols and images in their work.  I have been thinking about what symbols that I would like to use in my art.  I love flowers, all kinds, but I particularly like poppies.  I am uplifted every time I see one.  The flower and pods are also easy to draw.   So if you see poppies showing up in my work, you will know why.

I have always been drawn to folk art and the art on narrow boats.  It reminds me of the embroidery that my Hungarian grandmothers used to make on my dresses when I was little and on the Hungarian dolls that were my first toys.  The designs are simple, yet effective.

If there is only one thing that I could take away from this book, it would be to paint images that have meaning for you.  If that means you use images that other people also use, then make them your own.  Such as, a fish, let’s say.  I love fish, and is why I scuba dive.  Nobody owns the fish shape.  My dad used to take me fishing when I was small.  I remember drawing basic fish shapes when I was young.  Do you know that I forgot all about drawing fish until I read this book?  If anything, reading Staci Swider’s book brought back so many memories for me and for that I am grateful.  Plus I learned a few tips along the way.



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  1. Your mixed media piece is beautiful, Arlene!! ❤ I love poppies too as they are very cheerful! 🐞 Thank you for your post today, I will have to think about what symbols I’d like to include more in my art. 😍

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