Flowerburst – Acrylic and ink on Canvas Board – 10x 12 inches

Here is a close up of one section.

IMG_3740-001Yesterday I was in the mood to paint flowers and this is what I painted.  I just kept painting flowers with my fingers until it seemed finished.  All I need to do is put on an isolation coat and then varnish it.  I varnish all of my paintings that aren’t placed under glass as it protects the painting and makes the painting easy to clean –  and you don’t need to put acrylic paintings under glass unless they are on paper.

This size canvas board I found pops straight into a ready made picture frame.  I just take the glass out and voila, ready to hang!

Here is an idea of what this size looks like in a frame:


No need to buy expensive frames if you don’t have to.  I buy inexpensive frames from a local discount store or The Range, but you can get them anywhere, even the charity shop.