Flowers in my Mind


Flowers in my Mind – Mixed Media on Paper – A4 size

While going through my artwork to put on Etsy, I found something I had made a while back that didn’t quite work out for me.  So I had an idea and voila!  Here is the finished result.  The idea was to put paint on paper with no intention and then find the thing you need to paint.  Well, could I find anything?  No.  Except for two flowers.  So I just made up the rest and this is what I got.  I tried to paint the background with some muted greens, but that didn’t work for me either, so I painted over it again, but with white paint and wow!  The colors just popped out!  If you look closely, you can see there is a lot of texture in this piece and I let some of the stenciling I did show through.

Here is a close-up of a section:



So, this is why you should hang on to your work even if you don’t like it.  Maybe one day you can re-visit it and make it better.