I’m on Etsy!

Hello People!  If I haven’t posted any artwork lately, it is because I have spent the last few days researching and setting up an Etsy shop!  I thought I would take advantage of the lull in not having any contract work to set everything up.  It has taken me two days to upload everything and I am still not finished!  It is just like going to work!

Here is the link to my shop.  I would be really grateful if you could visit and maybe suggest ways that it could be improved, etc.  All feedback is good.  I still have a bit more to do and will hopefully be finished tomorrow.

I will let you in on a little secret.  A part of me doesn’t really think I am good enough and is why I have resisted doing anything with my art except share it here on the blog.  There, I said what many of you think.  I think it is difficult because I haven’t been doing ‘it’ for very long and am still learning.  It is also so personal.  At what point do we say, let’s give it a shot?  Well, this is my point.  As my husband says, I ‘invested’ so much money and time on supplies, books, etc., I should try and get some of it back.  For me, it was never about the money.  I actually enjoy what I do and put so much of myself and time into it that I would like to share what I have done with others.  I am also running out of room in my little house to store everything!

So, I put it out there to the Universe and said that I would like to try and sell some of my work.  And then I put it out there and asked if I could let go of wanting control and wanting approval (a bit of Sedona Method).  Once I did all that, I decided to take the plunge.  It is a little scary putting yourself and your creations out there.  As I read recently, one should for paint for one’s self and not for others, and that is what I normally tend to do.  Some people might like what I do, and some won’t.  No wonder artists of any kind have such angst.  This is not a good state of mind to be in, especially if one is normally a confident and very capable human being.

So thank you for stopping by and please visit my shop if you are so inclined.  I already have one admirer!




7 thoughts on “I’m on Etsy!

  1. Hi Arlene, CONGRATULATIONS! Yes it takes bravery and balls to put yourself out there – so kudos to you! We all question “am I good enough”? and even when others say yes, we doubt ourselves, we’re our own worst enemies sometimes! If you’re like me, we will always paint, whether people collect our work or not, because it brings joy, comfort, peace —-fill in the blanks. Here’s the thing, people WILL collect your work IF IT’S OUT THERE! So go get ’em girl, my hats off to you dear! Let me know if I can help navigate the waters. I don’t etsy, but I do Artfinder and SaatchiArt and can help with those! Do you instagram? IG is a valuable tool in the social arsenal! Cheers and congratulations again – you’ve got this!

    1. Arlene

      Thanks for the encouraging words Deb. I don’t do IG and am trying to get off of FB, though that may be tough. I think that there can be so many IT things to be on that it can take over your life! I quit Twitter because I got hacked. I am trying Etsy as it is less expensive than Ebay to list things. Will see how it goes. 🙂

  2. I can relate to this post so much!
    It’s a scary step to take, and I really congratulate you on have the guts to try it out!
    Your shop looks fantastic and I wish you all the success with it.
    As always thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with us all.

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