Some More Gel Prints

I decided to be a little bit more thoughtful when making new prints as I learned a few things while reworking unsuccessful prints.  One of things I learned is that the paint can come off a previously worked gel print on parchment paper when adding new paint.  That is why there were a few gaps and some of the paint got stuck on the plate.

Yesterday I decided to use copy paper and some cartridge paper that I forgot I had.  However, before I got stuck into printing, I spent the morning cutting out stencils.  It’s a wonder I didn’t cut myself!  I cut out some poppy shapes and some leaf shapes.

GEL030-001This print was printed on Cartridge Paper – 140lb.  It took a print quite well, and compared to the copy paper, it looks quite painterly.

GEL029-001This print above and the rest below were printed on photo copy paper.  The lines are more crisp and the colors are more saturated.  My husband said that copy paper is supposed to absorb ink and that is most likely why.  Also, there wasn’t much chance of pulling off a ghost print either when using copy paper as most of the paint was pulled up off of the plate.  I only used three primary colors in this print: cadmium yellow, process magenta, and cyan.  As you can see, we also have green, orange and purple – all the secondary colors.

The print on the right was made with cookie cutters in 3 sizes from the pound store.

GEL026-001The print above was made by putting paint on the plate that already had dried paint left on it.  The wet paint will soak up the dried paint and lift it up.  It may look a little bit messy, but I kind of like it.  If you want really clean prints, it is probably best to clean your gel plate between each color.  I also used this paper to try and lift off ghost prints beforehand and is also why there are a few colors on it.


This last print was made with only the primary colors; yellow first, then magenta and then an iridescent blue (which you can’t tell).  I used a silicone jar lid opener I bought at the pound store that had a flower motif.  There were two in the pack, so I have one for  printing and one to use!  You can find so many things to use for making marks.

There were a few prints that were not so successful, but as I hate to waste paper, I am sure I can use them in something.  I saw a video on youtube where the person made up a bunch of prints on deli-paper in the colors they wanted for a background and then painted over that.  The prints were not perfect, but there were some interesting marks made on them.  Then they drew out what they wanted to paint and painted over the deli-paper.  You were able to see some of what was underneath.  I might try that instead of just toning out the background on a canvas.  This way nothing gets wasted!

Happy printing people!



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