Abstract Landscape with Mono-Prints

GEL035-001Untitled – Acrylic on Canvas board – 5×7 inches

Here is a little something I created when playing around with faux encaustic methods.  I used some of my gelli-prints to make an abstract landscape.  I tore off bits of paper and glued them on with thick gel.  When that was dry, I added some ink.  And when everything was completely dry, I used one of my faux encaustic mixes to cover the whole painting.  You can see some of the lines where I spread it over the painting.  Another thing I did was to paint on the back of some of the papers to give them more of a glow.  This only works if your gelli-prints are on parchment paper.

This exercise wasn’t to create an amazing piece of art, merely to try a new technique.  I made another little landscape by using glue and faux encaustic with some stamping.  I gave it to a friend the other night before I got a chance to take a photo.  She really liked it and I couldn’t say no.  I may have to do another one!

If you don’t seem many posts from me now, it means I am back at work!  I enjoyed the time off while it lasted, but I need to pay the bills!  Happy Painting People!