Mono-printing / Gelli Printing

GEL043Here is a stamp I made of a sliced shell.  I used foam core and self adhesive foam.  They are approximately 4×7 inches.

After a full week of work, I wanted to do something not too taxing (she says) this weekend so I decided to make some stamps.  It can be a challenge cutting out the shapes with a craft knife.  I chose a shell as I love all things of the sea.  Here is how some of the prints came out.

The idea is to paint one section in a color and then the other section in a different color.  I was only using red, yellow and blue for this.  The images above are printed on 140lb cartridge paper which is a little bit smoother than water color paper.  These were printed on a hard surface.


The image above was printed on cartridge paper sitting on newsprint.  As you can see, the paint is a bit sharper in detail as more of the paint came off.  The softness of the newsprint really helps push the paint onto the paper.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that there was some paint in the corner that shouldn’t have been there when I rolled the paint onto the stamp.  Ditto for the letters.  I will need a do-over, but you get the idea.

Making prints in this way can be time consuming as you need to clean off the stamp when changing colors.  I did discover that if I misted the stamp with water, I could get some extra mileage out of the paint and have some nice images in my journal pages.

How did I do this?  I rolled out paint onto my gel-plate, then rolled the paint onto the stamp, then stamped onto the gel-plate, then stamped onto the paper.  I managed to pull off some prints from the gel-plate with copy paper, so nothing got wasted.

The last two on the bottom right are my favorite.  By then I had worked out the technique of spraying my stamp to extend the paint.

I have always loved images made from wood and lino cuts.  In the one art class I took in high school, we had a go with making lino-cuts.  I still had one piece of lino (probably all dried out) and a few tools I saved for many years until my eldest took an interest when he was in his teens.  I reluctantly let him have my tools.  I admit it.  Who knows where they are now!  I need to get another set so I can make my own stamps.


3 thoughts on “Mono-printing / Gelli Printing

  1. Your prints turned out beautiful Arlene!! 🎨👍😊 I have made foam stamps. I used the thin foam with the sticky backing on them so I could cut them with scissors and then I stuck them to pieces of cardboard. I made the linocut ones in college too. I have some rubber like material that I purchased from Dick Blick that you can carve but I haven’t tried them yet! Love making gelli prints and seeing what you create!! 😍

    1. Arlene

      I’m kinda hooked on this one design at the moment. I found some black paper and want to make prints with metallic paint! 🙂

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