Another ‘Shell’ Monotype

GEL052-001Monotype prints are essentially one of a kind prints.  My previous shell prints are essentially monoprints.  Although they are basically one of a kind, the pattern is repeated.  The print I pulled above is one that came about because I used one of the stamps on the gel-plate over multiple layers of leftover paint.  When I pulled up the paint, this is what I got.  There is no way I could repeat this.  I was initially using part of the gel-plate to roll out the paint for the other prints I made.  This was an accidental print and I really like it – especially the little white bit in the lower left hand corner.

Sometimes art will throw you a happy accident!  Happy painting people!


One thought on “Another ‘Shell’ Monotype

  1. Love your colors! 💙💚💙 This is one thing I really enjoy about gelli-printing is layering colors and images on top of each other! So fun! 😊

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