Going Square – New Gel Press Plate

GEL055I got my new Gel Press 6×6 inch plate a couple of weeks ago, but today is the first time I have had a chance to try it.  Everyone thinks the Gelli-Plate is the only plate for printing, but I have since discovered that there are others.  Speedball also makes one.  These gel plates are made in the USA.  I was looking online for the cheapest one I could find and that is how I learned about the Gel Press (they say they are the original).  Since it was only about £10,  I decided to go for it.  What is the difference between the Gel Press plate and the Gelli-Plate?  Not much print-wise.  Though I am really loving the Gel Press plate right now.  I love the size ( I really like square things) and it seems to be slightly thicker and squidgy-er than my 8×10 Gelli-Plate.  I also think it wipes up better with the baby wipes.  Print-wise, the paper picks up the paint the same on both.

Today I tried something new, for me.  This time I rolled out the paint on some Perspex before I rolled it onto the plate (I added a medium to thin the paint out).  This is the ‘normal’ method for mono-printing.  This way you don’t get too much paint on the plate.  I also prefer the effect.  Colors used were Mars Black, Indigo, Burnt Sienna and Paynes Grey.

I had picked some plant matter on my morning walk and made some stencils.  These are the first ones I made and are printed on copy paper.  There is definitely a method to working with plant matter – especially when it is bulky.  (I even found some worms)

Here are some dried maple seeds with a stencil and string.  Where I was able to take a ghost print (bottom right), I then layered over a second color.  I am really pleased with these.  I made quite a few prints and only a few didn’t turn out that great.  I am really loving this printing lark!


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  1. marionsartblog

    Beautiful prints! I especially like the black and white one where you can see the tiny details of the plant structure.

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