Going in Circles

We recently had a bank holiday and although I had three days off, I only got one day to paint.  Day one was spent driving up to London to visit with my daughter.  Day two was spent doing chores and tidying up my art supplies, and day three was spent trying out my new 6×6 Gel Press Plate.  I wish I could have more three day weekends!

Here is part two of that day of printing.

I used circle templates I made out of cardboard and some string that came off of a dress tag.  Colors used were Mars Black, Burnt Sienna, Indigo and Paynes Grey.  I also used a bit of silver and copper on a couple of prints but unfortunately the scanner and camera doesn’t pick up iridescent paint.

I really love these.  These were all printed on copy paper.  I only managed to get one decent print on some good cartridge paper.

GEL0546×6 inch Gel Press print on 8×8 inch cartridge paper 140 lbs.

I’m thinking I can make a collage of my prints onto a heavy weight paper.  Will try it first with some that didn’t make it to see how it goes. 🙂

Happy painting people!


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