Printmaking Class, Found One!

In a town full of artists, you think it would be easy to find an Art Class.  Well, you can, but mostly in the daytime.  So, if you are unemployed, retired, or just lucky not to have to work, you can try lots of different things.  People who have to work for a living most likely get discouraged and don’t do anything or if they are like me, they keep looking and learn from books, etc. until they find something.

I think the Universe is helping me out a little bit here because I think I may have found something I really enjoy doing, and that is making prints.  Printmaking comes with a process, and I love a good process.  You don’t even have to be great at drawing.  You can print without a press.  I have been trawling the internet for all sorts of information about different printing methods.  Gel plate printing is great.  I really enjoy working on it so much I might even try making one of my own out of real gelatine!

I searched online yesterday and I found a printmaking class in the evening!  Yay!  I start on Monday for six weeks and all materials are supplied.  Now you may be thinking that I might already know a lot about printmaking (I do, because I have books and scour the internet and you-tube) and why should I take a class?  Well, because it is important to gain information from others in person if at all possible and form relationships with like-minded individuals.  I might know stuff, and I am sure if I just try things I will get the hang of it on my own, but we can always learn by seeing and doing in person.  There are so many people out there that want to share.  That is why there are books and videos, and classes.  Some stuff is free and some you have to pay for.  I don’t mind paying someone to teach me how to do something that I want to learn more about.

Here are a couple of pieces I did the other day.

As you can see, I already have gone in a different direction in my printmaking from when I first started with the Gel plate.  That is because I have more information and have learned some different techniques.  I don’t do journaling and I don’t doodle, which is what a lot of people do with their prints.  I want someone to frame and hang these on their walls because they are thinking ‘Wow, that’s cool, how did they do that?’  By the way, I had to remember how I did the one on the right!  I really need to write the processes down! 🙂

Needless to say, I am very excited about taking a printmaking class!  What are you excited about?  Happy Painting People!



2 thoughts on “Printmaking Class, Found One!

  1. Your class sounds so fun!! 😍 Good that you found one to take. I like to take online classes. I like to do printmaking too so I will enjoy seeing what you discover! 😃🎨👍

    1. Arlene

      I haven’t done any online classes yet, not sure if I’m disciplined enough! At least this way I have to get out of the house!

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