Making Landscapes with Gel Plate

When I was playing with my gel plate last week I kept thinking on how I could make a landscape with some plants.  But first I had to cut some paper.  I am running out of space in my little house to store my artwork.  I have a box under the spare bed where I keep paper, so I dug out all the cheap drawing paper (some A1 size!) to make room for my Etsy items that are for sale.

Then I had to cut it all up.  The paper is not great quality drawing paper.  I bought the drawing pads at the pound shop, which is not bad for 8 sheets of drawing paper A1 size.  I was using it for my life drawing classes and bought loads.  I ended up cutting them down to A4 size.  Fortunately they cut well with a ruler and I didn’t have to use scissors.  I now have a large pile of cheap printing paper that is a bit more substantial than copy paper.  Sometimes one actually has to do some work and preparation before one can play.  I had to really tidy up as I need to spread out when printing and I end up taking over the whole dining room table!  I’ve managed to clear up enough so we can now eat at the table again!

Sometimes you have to pull a lot of prints to get a few good ones, and there is no rhyme or reason as to when you will get good one.  Here are some of what I think are the more successful prints that I made today on the good cartridge paper.

I picked some Wild Carrot on my walk yesterday and thought they would make great prints.  I shortened the stems to make them look like trees.

Here I tried something different with the brayer.  Unfortunately the print didn’t register properly, meaning I didn’t manage to line them up exactly when pulling the ghost print.  They look better cropped.


This one is my favourite of all.  Its a faded ghost print onto a burnt sienna background.  The Indigo blue looks black here.

I’ve ordered some water soluble printing ink to try as it is meant to be actually better for printing than acrylic paint as not all of the paint was being picked up.  It should also come in handy for my printing class.

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy painting people!


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