As I live near the countryside, I see crows on fences nearly every day.

The one on the left is on white drawing paper and the right is on beige cartridge paper.

Ditto for those above.  These are the best ones out of about 10 prints that I pulled.  Working with flat stencils is much better than working with plant matter.  You get a cleaner line around the image and the paper doesn’t crease.  I only used copy paper for the first pull as a tester.  Since it printed well, I used better paper to pull the rest.   Sometimes when you think you are going to get a great pull, a white line shows up where you don’t want it.  It can be very frustrating.  In the print on the right above, I didn’t wipe the plate before putting a different color on and the raw sienna picked up a shadow of indigo blue.  I kinda like it!

Happy Painting People!