Seagulls are the bane of my life.  I know that if one lives by the sea, it is inevitable that that one will come into contact with seagulls.  The problem is, they nest on the rooftops where I live in town (not ours because we put up defences) and they make a racket during the nesting season and totally interrupt my sleep to the point where I have to sleep with ear plugs as I am a light sleeper.  For some reason, (global warming perhaps?) due to the mild winter, the nesting season seems to have started early this year and a few haven’t gotten the hint that they should have pissed off and gone fishing by now!

That said, seagulls are beautiful birds when in mature plumage.  Most of what we have are your common European Herring Gull.  Sometimes you might see a Great Black Backed Gull, but not very often.  I often see the gulls sitting on the groynes on the seafront and sometimes I manage to get a good photo of one.  I found one, printed it off, and laminated it with contact paper.  I managed to pull off a few decent prints.


Some look like they have eyes!  I might do these again, but add a moon or something to the background.  Today was pretty much about getting the technique right.  The turquoise paint adhered better to the plate once I added some white to it.