Printmaking Class

I’ve now had my second session of printmaking.  There are only two students in this class, so that means we can accomplish a lot in the two hours we have each week.  In class 1 we made collagraphs.  Here is one I made at home:

IMG_3831We made three others in the first class.  In the second class, the instructor rolled out the printing ink onto some glass and then rolled the ink directly to our collagraphs.

The ones on the left of the lillies are mine, and the others belong to my classmate.  We start off with red as it is a mid-tone.  The first pull was quite dark and the subsequent pulls were much lighter.  We made six prints of each of our collagraphs.  We were oohing and aahing as they came out rather well.  We put everything to dry on the drying rack as it takes about a week for the ink to dry before we can put on another color.

IMG_3836I want one of these so badly!  They come on wheels so you can move them around.  That can be a problem when you take a class, you get equipment envy.  Maybe one day!  Next week we will be doing linocuts.  Can’t wait!