Some More Circles

GEL121Here I tried out the Ocaldo Ink in purple.  As you can see, there is quite a marked watery effect that I wasn’t expecting to get on the gel plate.  My husband seems to think it is because the gel is oil based and that since the ink is water based it shouldn’t work.  However, that is not the case when using acrylic paints.  I did try using more ink, but that just got too messy.  Regardless, I do like this watery effect.

I also tried out the ink in the viridian and crimson.  Here I used circles and some ribbon that came off of some card stock.

You can see the ribbon grain on the ghost prints.  The more I used the circles, the more color was left behind from previous pulls.  I think that these would make really nice sets.

GEL124I actually remember what I did here!  I put the masks on, then made circles with an empty tape roll which lifted some paint off of the gel plate, pulled the print, and then stamped the print with the paint that was left on the tape roll.  This meant that I didn’t end up with stark white circles.  Also some of the paint was pulled on the outside of the circles from when I stamped on the gel plate.  There are so many ways that you can make a pattern.

GEL120I know that this isn’t a print of circles, but I did find some plant matter on my morning walk with the dogs and I wanted to see if I could pull a nice print of some roots.  Initially, I used a light green with the viridian, but that wasn’t happening for me.  I must have tried a few different ways, but I couldn’t pull a good print.  So, I left a very faint ghost on the gel plate, added some more viridian on top and repositioned the roots to the other side of the plate and pulled an outline print that was not so great.  But then I did a pick up print with some newsprint from a supermarket brochure to get up as much of the paint around the plant as possible before lifting the plant from the plate to take a detailed impression of the roots and this is what I got.  I have a really good print of the plant, but if you look closely, you can see some of what was in the brochure!  This certainly wasn’t intentional, but I really like it.  Think I might keep it for myself.