A Fatefull End, Collagraph


I find interesting things when out walking with the dogs.  This time it was the remains of a black bird.  Gruesome as it may sound, it was mostly feathers that remained.  I do not know how the bird met its fateful end, but I reckon that either a fox or a crow did it in.  I spelled fateful with two Ls in my title on purpose.  It may be wrong, but it seemed right.

I only made two prints plus a test print as the quills were starting to deteriorate.  These were printed on Saunders Waterford 140lb hot press watercolor paper, 8.5 x 14 inches, with a deckled edge on 3 sides.

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I have also framed these plates as I like how they look.  They have been mounted onto mountcard and placed into a ready made frame with matt.  Feathers can be tricky to print with as they are 3 dimensional and will not lie flat.  It is essential to seal the plate and yet be able to retain some detail during the printing process.  These plates are now retired and will not be used again.

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