‘Unsuccessful’ Seagulls on Groins

I started a new contract this week at a Jr. School.  Gosh, its exhausting!  And that is just the parents!  After not having any work for a few weeks it has been tough getting back into the swing of things and then not having much time to do anything creative until the weekend.

In any event, I finished off my ‘unsuccessful’ prints and made them into something more successful.  I am not sure what I am going to do with them.  Some might end up in my journal that I have yet to start.  A couple I may frame, the rest – we will see.  Anything can make a print unsuccessful.  The stencil could be crooked or there are lines on your print you don’t want there, or you didn’t get enough paint on your print…. As I am still getting to grips with this printing lark, it is more of a journey for me rather than trying to create something that I might be able to sell.  I have been learning about what happens when you leave dried paint on the gel plate.  You can get some amazing textures and a grungy distressed look.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was trying out a new toy to see if I could do something interesting with some prints I wasn’t happy with.  With most of them, I was able to get the gel press to line up perfectly.  Some didn’t, but that is ok as I can still use the print in some way.  The nice thing about working with the gel press is that the acrylic paint dries quickly and this makes it possible to add many layers is a short amount of time.  When making collagraphs or other prints where printing ink is used, it can take almost a week for the ink to dry before you can do something else with your print.

Here is what I ended up with:

I worked with a limited palette as I didn’t want to get muddy colors and I also wanted them to compliment the original colors of the prints.  The first two from the top are the last two prints I made on mixed media paper, 140 lbs and are suitable for framing.  I used some bronze metallic paint on a few prints, but it doesn’t always scan well.  Some of them are also embellished with colored pencils.  There is a fair amount of texture on these little prints now.

So, why seagulls on groins?  Because I see them all of the time when I walk along the seafront!


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