Getting Out of a Funk

I am not totally out of the Doldrums yet, but I think the wind is starting to pick up.

The next thing I am going to say may not be entirely professional of me, but I have my reasons and I think you may forgive/understand my predicament.  I am temping somewhere I have been before.  There are times when the role can be very busy, but the rest/most of the time it is as slow as a tortoise.  As my pay is at the minimum wage, so are my duties.  Basically, I just answer the phone and deal with queries and take messages.  I am qualified and capable of doing more, but I am not being paid to do more, so I don’t, and I haven’t been asked.  In the meantime, in-between answering calls, I look at world news.  World news is quite depressing.  After a couple of days of catching up with The Guardian Online and BBC News, I start to get depressed and angry.   So I started reading art blogs.  Reading art blogs cheers me up and because I can’t make art at work, I get inspired to make art at home.  Remember, I am NOT a doodler.  I don’t doodle.  So, no art at work!

Reading one blog has led me to reading another, and since I have free time I have been reading the blog from back to front.  I am in year 2009.  I am currently reading Carla Sonheim’s blog.  I just love her quirky style.  While reading her blog I remembered something.  I remembered that I also heard of her from a blogger I follow, Jill Kuhn.  Jill has been doing some of her online classes.  Jill also has a quirky sense of humor that I love.  While looking at the free stuff on Carla’s blog, I came across a tutorial that I knew I could do and thought it would kick-start me into getting me out of the Doldrums.

So, I got out my watercolors.  Right?  I didn’t think I would see them anytime soon, but I do have so many pretty colors.  If you don’t have watercolors, you can use ink or add water to your acrylics.


I just followed the tutorial that I will have a link to at the end of this post.  The one on the right I made with the end of a Romaine Lettuce.  I know, the dog usually gets it but he stole a burger from the counter and so I painted with it instead.

I think these actually look better scanned than in real life.  I used pencil in the first and last one and colored pencils for the middle one.  I used Gamboge for the first and third as a wash and a pink for the middle one.  I didn’t do any erasing as I quite like the dark areas of pencil.

Things I learned.

  1. I might make fewer marks to start with.
  2. In saying number 1, I might not make so many lines with the back of my brush after painting on the Gesso and use the pencil more.
  3. It might be a good idea to look at some flowers first to work out some other shapes.

The most important thing that happened was that I got excited about what I was doing.  I was following a process.  Sometimes I need someone to tell me what to do. (Don’t tell my husband that though!)  In following someone else’s process, I learned what works and doesn’t work for me.  I also discovered a cool way to make lily pads!

If you want to try this yourself, visit Carla’s website here.  Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Getting Out of a Funk

    1. Arlene

      Thank you Patti. Glad to know that although I may be in a bit of a funk I still have a bit of fire in me somewhere. 😃

  1. Hi Arlene, I so love Carla’s blog! She has free online for kids for the last 3 summers that you can do too. I think they are for a kid of any age! ☺️
    Happy to hear that I can inspire you too! I love the WordPress community! 🎨💕
    I like what you created, wow! I’m really loving the 2 yellowish ones! They remind me of summer. 🌞💕🌻

    1. Arlene

      Thanks Jill. I saw the giraffes you made in the style of Klimt. At least they looked like Klimt! 😃 I thought they were amazing. I might try that summer course! I need to get my kid on!

      1. Yes, they were in Klimt style! 😍 I find Carla’s classes are a good way to jump start my creativity. ❤️ I look forward to hearing how you enjoy the videos. 🎨👍

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