Online Art Class, Lesson 2

Lesson 2 consisted of a warm-up of drawing 10 things.  I worked on the back of my warm-ups from the previous lesson.  No sense in wasting paper.  I drew 9 things to start with.  However, my mango and orange were a bit blah!  If you are just drawing an outline of these, it is not easy to discern what they are.  So, in the end, I drew 7 things.  And I didn’t number them – I named them – in French.  I did some grocery shopping the other day and came back with a load of fruit and veg and decided to paint those.  Thinking ahead, I thought that someone might be more inclined to buy a painting of fruit and veg than stuff that I have lying around in my house.  Naming things in French is très chic, no?

Art335Here is the warm-up.  I really love my aubergine.  French word for eggplant that they use in the UK.

 We were supposed to work on 12×12″ cradle board.  So I cut down an A3 size piece of paper to 12×12″.  I made my first painting on the left on 140lb cold press watercolor paper that I gessoed first.  On the right is a close-up.  I had the light this morning when I took these.  You can see my scribbles underneath.  Since looking at this on the computer.  I added some more opaque paint to tone down some of the scribbles as it still looks too busy.  It rained this afternoon, so I will post them again when they are completed.  Sometimes taking some photos while you work really helps put things into perspective.

Here is the painting I made on the cradle board on the left, with a close-u[p on the right.  We were meant to paint straight onto the bare wood.  Although I like the look of bare wood through the paint, most times the cradle board benefits from a bit of light sanding and priming before painting as it is semi-porous.  If I had some clear gesso, I might have used that instead, but I only had white.  I need to tone this one down also as that upper right hand corner is bugging me a bit, otherwise I am quite happy with this.

Some people got really fancy with detail in their paintings, and although that isn’t what the lesson is about, they made some really lovely things.  I am learning to keep my drawing simple and not worry about it if my things aren’t drawn to perfection.  I also learned about some of my supplies and how they react with each other.  Most of all I am having fun!  Oh yeah, I am also going to make a series of these in Italian and Spanish!

So, did you learn anything new this week?





3 thoughts on “Online Art Class, Lesson 2

  1. Hi Arlene, it helps me tremendously to take photos as I progress in my art making! I love that you identified your fruits and veggies in French. 😃 I’m so glad you are enjoying the class too. ❤️
    I tried an experiment or two on hot press watercolor paper after I read what you did, thanks for sharing your process!! 👍

    1. Arlene

      I will most likely do this again on paper Jill as I just bought a new frame and the painting I just made is a little too small! 🙂

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