On-line Art Class, Part 1 of Lesson 3


So, we have quite a few things here on my table.  Not all of these are my favorite things, but some of them are, like my Paul Smith Rose perfume – it comes in a really nice bottle.  I also, like the shape of pears and I have a plain sage green teacup and a yellow teapot I have had for years.  I realized that I don’t have many things that I absolutely love.  I find it difficult to put that emotion into an inanimate object.

I have things that are functional and practical.  My plates and all of my dinnerware is plain white porcelain.  White goes with everything.  I prefer the food to be the star of the show.  I do have a few ornamental items, but they also have a function.  I have some things I like very much, but if they broke, I won’t be crying about it.

So here we are drawing the essence of our things and overlapping them and then filling up some of the shapes with color.  I used my cheap water soluble crayons for this exercise.  It is not meant to be a work of art, merely an exercise.  I enjoyed doing this while listening to the The Best of Fleetwood Mac.  It’s nice when you know the words to the music you love.  (I only know the words when the music is playing, like in the car!)

So, what music do you like to listen to when making art?


2 thoughts on “On-line Art Class, Part 1 of Lesson 3

    1. Arlene

      I just used all of the colors in my crayon box Jill! Filling in a few spaces using the same color on each page. Found it more difficult not to fill in on the painting though.

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