Online Art Class, Lesson 4!

IMG_4099 (Edited)My Favorite Teapot – Mixed Media on Cradled Board – A4 Size

Lesson 4 was about using the skills we have learned thus far and making a dynamic background to draw our favorite cup.  As I don’t have a favorite cup, I used my favorite teapot.  There is a bit of pentimento going on here too as I wasn’t happy with how the water soluble crayons and pencils were reacting with my paint, so I covered it up.  Although some of the marks show through, I am quite happy with that.  I used a skewer, and a scraping tool that looks a bit like a hair pick.  I think it is a felting tool, but not sure.  Anyway, it makes nice lines!

Will look nice in the kitchen with my Yellow Teapot and Barcellos Cockerel.

This isn’t exactly to scale.  The cockerel is A3 and the teapot on top left is A4 and the yellow teapot is a little bit smaller than A4.  They are all varnished and ready to hang this Easter Weekend!  Hopefully I will get to finish off lesson 5&6 this weekend too!

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3 thoughts on “Online Art Class, Lesson 4!

  1. Good idea to use a teapot, Arlene! 😃 I like the colors you chose and how well it goes with your other art for your kitchen. Well done! 👍
    I am hoping to get to lesson 5 this weekend too….

    1. Arlene

      Thanks Jill! I also went small as I thought the large backgrounds overpowered the cups and I couldn’t see the point of that. Can’t wait to see yours! 😃

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