White Cliffs

I am now calling this finished.

IMG_4233White Cliffs – Acrylic on Canvas Board – 10×12 inches


WIP – Mixed Media Express 1

I wasn’t going to post any class work until I was completely finished, but I wanted to let you all know that I am actually painting, and I wanted you to see what can happen with an on-line class.  I purchased the Mixed Media Express bundle with my 20% off discount that I mentioned in my previous post.  A lot of online classes have a Facebook group that you can join and this one is no exception.  There are 4 different FB groups for this bundle as there are 4 lessons.  Julie Prichard will look at your work and give you advice.  She doesn’t just say nice things for the sake of it.  Though she hasn’t said anything awful either.  She will make suggestions and it will be up to you to take her up on it or not.

In this lesson, we watch Julie make a painting.  There is a color scheme, but that is it.  The rest is off the cuff.  By watching someone else paint, one can learn so much.  I like her style, I have a book, and now I can watch her work.  I am not one for doing warm ups or making thumbnail sketches, so this is great for me.  I went with the same or similar colors for this lesson as I like them.  After that, my painting went in a completely different direction.

Here is the first stage of my painting, with a close-up.  I am working on 10×12 inch canvas board.

This is the nearly finished painting.

IMG_4229I say nearly finished as I think I could do more with the sky.  I was not intending on painting a section of The Seven Sisters, but that is how it ended up.  Here are some close-ups.

We have marks and drips and all sorts.  I was working on an abstract, but it turned into something more realistic, but in a loose way.   Sometimes that is the way it goes.  I saw something and then got into the zone.

I am still working on Layer Love 2.0 and am about half way through it.  While waiting for paint to dry, I started on the Mixed Media Express series.  It is good to have a few things on the go.  I think I may have finally found my style.  I can still paint ‘things’, but in a more abstract way and in a method that suits me better.  I really like layering and lifting off paint and using drips and drops.  I even found some other uses for my brayer and am feeling better about making marks for no reason.  And who knew that I would love green and blue so much!

Happy painting people!

Making Collage Papers and Trying Out New Paint

I have some very cheap and very thin drawing paper.  While working on collages recently, I found it challenging to cut some of the paper I have.  It doesn’t help if my hands are feeling arthritic either.  I use it for gel prints, but as the paper is so thin, sometimes it gets stuck to the gel plate and I can’t get a good print.  I decided to use them for collage material, but I had to paint them first.   I  tried out my new stock of paint to see what they can do.

I have ordered some new paints recently as I wanted to upgrade some of my stock.  As well as my ‘regular’ Winsor & Newton and Daler Rowney artist’s acrylics out of the tube, I now have a nice selection of Golden Fluid paints, plus some Open paint and medium. I also have some Liquitex soft body.  I purchase most of my paints and mediums from Jackson’s Art online.  They aren’t always the cheapest, but tend to have what I need in stock, though I do shop around.  I also ordered a few bottles of AV/Vallejo Fluid Acrylic paint.  It comes in 100ml bottles and the prices start at £5.  The average price of a bottle is about £6.50.  A real bargain when you compare the price for Golden Fluid to be £5 for a 30ml bottle!  I purchased zinc white, unbleached titanium white, ultramarine blue and transoxide red.  These are all transparent colors and are similar in quality to the Golden paints.  I already use their acrylic inks.  They also come from Spain, so I feel good about my carbon footprint on these.  I also purchased Vallejo gel matt medium which is also reasonably inexpensive compared to Golden and works just as well.  It is my plan to add more collage to my work and if I am going to do that I will be using a fair amount of medium and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it.

So, although I may not be making much art these days, I am enjoying myself fooling around, making collage papers and learning how my art supplies work!