Hello!  We’ve just come back from our annual camping holiday to France and while waiting for work to roll in (and after doing shed loads of laundry!), I have made a painting to commemorate our lovely vacation.

You may remember this:

IMG_4099 (Edited)

This is the painting of my favorite teapot from the Lynn Whipple course I did in March.  I loved the background, but not the rest.  I have had it sitting around these last few months waiting for my hubs to move a painting in the kitchen to hang it up.  I am so glad he hadn’t done that!  There are many layers on this cradled wood panel.  Here is what it looks like now.

IMG_4370Regatta – Mixed Media on Cradled Wood Panel – 21×29.5cm

I used some of the techniques I learned in the Mixed Media Express 3 online course with Julie Prichard.  I managed to save some parts I really like and you can also see some of the other marks underneath if you look closely.  It wasn’t my intention to paint a Regatta, but that is how it turned out!  Maybe my sub-conscious won out as I did have a plan to make a Regatta painting based on the boats we saw on Lac Annecy in France.  I may even make some more as I enjoyed painting this so much.

Here are a couple of close ups:

If you want to see some photos of where we stayed this year, I put up some posts on my other blog, Dream Big – Pack Lite.  I needed something to do as I didn’t have any paint with me! 🙂

Happy Painting People!