Mixed Media Express 2

IMG_4414-001Outer Limits – Mixed Media on canvas board – 10×12 inches

This is the last painting from the Mixed Media Express online art class I have completed with Julie Prichard.  Again, I used colors I wouldn’t normally use.  I wouldn’t use this much red.  I really like it though as the red is mixed with a brown which tones it down a bit.  I also wouldn’t think to use violet with red either, but it seems to work here.

Adding the marks at the end is always a challenge but it just came to me after staring at it for awhile!  There were some happy accidents when painting the swirls.  I used charcoal pencil and oil pastels which have been sealed with UV spray varnish.  All I have to do is paint on a final coat of acrylic varnish and then it is complete.  I shall do a batch in one go.

I enjoyed the course and am looking forward to the next one! But what I wonder? 🙂