Do You Call Yourself an Artist?

I have read a few articles about artists and negative thinking, but none has touched me as much as the one from Belinda Del Pesco, an Artist who I am so grateful to have come across.  She wrote an article about negative self-talk.  I love that she makes youtube videos on how to do things, like printmaking.

I paint.  I teach myself and learn from others.  I have never had a show or done an open house (my house is small and I really don`t like strangers in my home).  I sold two small paintings since I started nearly 10 years ago.  I keep creating and making things in spite of that.  I work full time.  I think calling myself an Artist is nicer than calling myself an Administrator, or a PA (that is what I used to do, now I Administer, or Administrate!)

When people ask me what I do, I know they are asking me what I do for a living.  People want to know how you make your money.  They can be so nosy.  Painting is more like a hobby, especially if you don’t make any money at it.  When someone is retired, if you ask them what they do, you are usually asking about their hobby.  I say I paint, or dance or whatever else that I can do.

If people know I paint, they sometimes ask where they can see my work or if I have sold anything (MONEY!).  I tell them they can see it in my house, on my blog, and on Etsy!  Belinda told me that because I create I am entitled to call myself an Artist in spite of the fact that I have no formal training or sell my work (yet!).  Not that I need permission as I can call myself whatever I want, but she put it in a way that left no doubt.

So, the other day when I was trying to explain to someone that I was painting over the weekend,  and I wasn`t doing DIY, I ended up saying I was an Artist.  It felt good! First time for everything!  If you paint, draw or make stuff, you are creative and can call yourself an Artist.  How cool is that!

Here is a little something I am working on.  It is actually not so little, 60x40cm, my largest yet.

IMG_4427 (Edited)


6 thoughts on “Do You Call Yourself an Artist?

  1. bdelpesco

    Hi Arlene, Thanks for the wonderful feedback, and for spreading the good news that we are indeed artists if we like to make things. It’s not such a lofty title as recent history has made it out to be.

    And bravo to your huge work in progress over there. Amazing.

    1. Arlene

      Thank YOU Belinda! My WIP is still a WIP after looking at it for over a week, I felt it needed something! 😉

  2. Way to go Arlene, there’s freedom in going BIG! The way I see it, if you create, you’re an artist – no need to qualify anything. Words, titles, labels, don’t serve us very well anyway. You go girl! Keep creating you artist, you!

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