Did I Say That Paintings Look Great Framed?


I am convinced that many paintings look better in a frame.  If it is on paper, then definitely behind glass in a frame.  These two large paintings definitely look better framed.  If the profile of the frame was deeper, I wouldn’t have bothered to frame them, but they were only about 2cm deep and something was needed to anchor the piece.   I am keeping the stripes as I have a place for it upstairs.  The neutral greeny/beige color matches my walls!

I haven’t been painting much these days as I kind of lost my mojo a little bit now that the days are getting shorter and the light is fuzzy.  I have to drive to work with my varifocals on as it is a bit dark when I leave the house.  I have a small piece that I am working on that I am not sure is finished or not, so I am putting it aside until I get more inspiration.  It is nice to have a theme to work with (stripes), but I am a little stuck with what I just started, so I will go on to something else.  I have ideas!