Needle Felting a Great White Shark


Downloads2-006It took me days, but I finally finished this little guy.  He is approximately 12 inches, a little bit longer than I was hoping for, but that is how it goes sometimes.  I only found one decent felted image of a great white shark, and it is awesome!  Although this is nowhere like that, I think I did OK considering I just looked at photos of great white sharks and used my imagination.  The only armature here is in the tail.   Everything else I felted on my own.  Though I think I may use an armature next time.

So, why a great white shark?  Although bunnies and mice are really cute, I really like sharks and you don’t see too many of those.  I decided I will be making a top 5 endangered sharks mobile.  Just for fun, and a challenge.  Besides, it also fits in with the scuba diver in me.

I am still in-between contracts and am a bit restricted as I broke my fifth metatarsal in my right foot over the weekend.

IMG_4836This is my new walking shoe for the time being.  I can hobble around, but no walking the dogs or anything like that.  I missed the last step coming down the stairs.  It happens and it could be worse.  My husband did the same a few weeks ago, but luckily he was ok.  We just need to be more careful as we mature.  So, I have plenty of time to make this shark mobile.

50% Off Everything Sale on Etsy

I am having a 50% off everything CLEARANCE sale in my Etsy shop from the 27th of April until the 27th of May 2019.  I am also keeping last year’s shipping fees even though the price of postage has gone up.  Why the sale?  I need to make room for new work.

So grab yourself a bargain people, cause when it is gone – it is gone!  Click on the link on the side bar to go straight to my shop.  Thanks for stopping by!

Needle Felting a Teddy Bear


Downloads2-005Here is my first Teddy Bear.  For something quite small, he sits at 3 inches high, it took me quite a few hours to complete.  This little guy was made following a pattern.  I made each piece individually and then put him all together.  Having a pattern is quite a good thing as it was to actual size and all I had to do was make sure that the piece fit into the shape.  I didn’t make him exactly as the pattern specified as I won’t use plastic eyes.  I also stitched the limbs into place first and then needle felted them onto the body as the limbs can be awkward as they are a bit chunky.  I also gave this one a pot belly.  His arms were a bit too long, so I cut them and then felted the ends.  You wouldn’t even know that he had surgery.  I had this piece of string with the heart that came from some garment I purchased and tied it around his neck.  Although this guy is really well felted, he is still a bit fuzzy, as a bear should be.  My daughter collects bears, so she will be getting this little guy.

On another note, I bought some large plastic shoe boxes from Lakeland to keep my wool in as it was getting out of control.  I don’t have enough colors to separate them out by color, but I did manage to separate them out by type, which at this stage is more important.  I have topcoat, roving, batts, curls and leftovers. Twelve shoeboxes did the trick.  I am not sure if the dining room will ever be the same again!